About The Band


Kamikaze ( ?) Is a Japanese word, usually translated as “divine wind” (kami means “divinity”, a fundamental term in Shintoism, and kaze stands for “wind”; ka inhale and ze exhale)

So,The Rock’n’Roll Kamikazes are a divine wind of Rock’n’Roll. A mighty tempest that never stops blowing. In fact, 2019AD is the tenth year that these fearless Rock’n’Roll warriors continue their valiant mission. A mission that has taken them all over Europe, from Berlin to Palermo, from Catania to Normandy and from Milan to Teneriife. A non-stop tour-of-duty, bringing this primitive, visceral, tribal and impetuous music to the masses, without dwelling on traditionalism but,perhaps, dare we say, even more rooted in the rebellious tradition of rock’n’roll than most. As the Zen masters say, they look at the moon and not the finger that points at the moon.Yes, it may be that The Rock’n’Roll Kamikazes are that finger…and not necessarily the index finger.

Born in 2010 the band was formed by Andy Macfarlane, former frontman of the Hormonauts on vocals and guitar, Nicolò Fiori of Gattamolesta on double bass, Peppe De Gregoriis on drums and Guy Portuguese (Guy E the Specialists) on saxophone. Their first album, Tora Tora Tora (Tora) came out in 2011 with Protosound / Volume! Records. A record still as fresh as an ice-cold beer on a hot summer’s day.

In 2013 after Guy’s untimely demise, the Kamikazes decide that they absolutely must continue their mission and set off with Eugenio Pritelli (ex-Horrible Porno Stuntmen) on the second guitar and release All Kinds Of People on Go Down Records. Again a mix of fresh ideas, irony and virtuosity.

 In 2015 they released My Town for Latlantide / Go Down records. A more introspective and autobiographic dish, filled with rasping guitars and moments of melancholy pathos, but always Rock’n’Roll!

  2019 sees the release of the fourth album, Campari & Toothpaste with Area Pirata Records. At times a return to the simplest of Rock’n’Roll, soaked sodden in the Blues swamp where the music was born. And  yet, at moments full of fuzz and proto-psychedelia voodoo, their minds corrupted by by  that primordial rhythm and animal smell.

And yes, they are also musicians of a certain caliber. As Guy Portuguese said – “Rock’n’Roll is a serious thing”, but also playful and ironic. These boys are capable of making you dance your socks off while touching your butt with their free hand!

 This fourth album sees the arrival on the drums of Sandro Battistini, (also ex-Horrible Porno Stuntmen). Up from the garage and down your driveway! All 4 members of the band are masters, true “sensei” of the genre. Yes,The Rock’n’Roll Kamikazes explode in public. The Rock’n’Roll Kamikazes make tall four walls tremble.The Rock’n’Roll Kamikazes are a typhoon, a hurricane, a tornado of energy and above all, Rock’n’Roll!

our discography

Tora! Tora !! Tora! (Tora!), 2011 Volume! Records / Protosound Productions

All Kinds Of People, 2013 Go Down Records

My Town, 2015 Latlantide / Go Down Records

Campari & Toothpaste, 2019, AreaPirata Records