Campari & Toothpaste – 2019.

Recorded analogically at “L’Amor Mio Non Muore” studios in Forlì, Italy, and pressed and distributed by Area Pirata Records, this is the IV album by this band led by Andy Macfarlane (ex Hormonauts). A band who are now celebrates (and toasting) 9 years of active service! These 4 kamikazes have diligently served thee sacred Tenno of Rock ‘n’ Roll! Yep, thirteen songs that make this record more of an air-strike on your hi-fi! This platter is a melting pot of sounds, ranging from the most genuine Rock ‘n’ Roll in songs like “Pocket” and “Ice Cold Beer”, to swamp Rhythm ‘n’ Blues sounds in” Graveyard Blues” and the cover of “No No No”; the Latin rock influences of the homonymous “Campari and Toothpaste” will unchain your dancing soul to the point of exhaustion, while a wall of fuzz and sweat will knock you helplessly to the floor in “A Hole in Your Soul,”  You just might find some peace and serenity in the ballad “Early Night”. Maybe.

 In short, a rounded, complete and moist album, to be enjoyed at any time of the day, on the rocks with a slice of orange or just plain neat.


1) Pocket
2) Your Monkey
3) You Might Not Know Me
4) Wolf
5) Campari & Toothpaste
6) Graveyard Blues
7) Early Night
8) Lord Lord (My Ass)
9) Who Tweaked Your Motor
10) No No No (You Don’t Love Me) 11) Ice Cold Beer
12) Smack
13) A Hole In Your Soul

Full length 42’ 31”

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